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Gay Dating App Fighting Prejudice
   2015-01-09 20:41:47    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Guo


Beijing subway fare hike doesn't deter beggars

It's reported that the fare hike by the Beijing subway has not scared off beggars or affected their incomes.

Previously there was a flat two yuan (about 32 US cents) rate for single tickets and unlimited transfers. The minimum price for a subway ride is now three yuan, which is valid for travel within six kilometers. Passengers are also required to finish a ride within four hours.

Despite the new rules, a subway worker said free tickets are offered to those who provide proof of disability, and that it is difficult to tell if someone is a beggar just from their appearance.

According to the report, a beggar earns up to 8 yuan on a single ride and can make 120 yuan a night.

Beijing subway passengers are often bothered by fake beggars who sing or perform to stir sympathy and earn money.


Gay dating app fighting prejudice

Homosexuality is not illegal in China, but remains a taboo subject.

Founded by a former policeman, gay dating app Blued quickly found favor with gay people, adding 15 million users in two years.

Users can scan profiles, chat with a potential Mr. Right or hang out in a group chatroom.

Supporters say the app has helped gay men develop a positive self-image and fight social prejudices that force them to stay anonymous.

At the Beijing headquarters, app users can take advantage of services such as free HIV tests. A red ribbon icon on the app gives Blued users easy access to information on condom use and STD prevention.


Worrying too much is a sign of high intelligence

Canadian researchers suggest that being a worrier is a sign of high intelligence.

Those who live in constant fear they won't get everything done and who can't switch off worrisome thoughts are more articulate.

In tests, worriers scored higher in something called verbal intelligence ĘC the ability to understand and work with the written and spoken words.

However, worriers can't relax.

The study also found links between high verbal intelligence and depression.

What is more, the men and women who found it hard not to replay past events in their heads and think 'what if?' scored poorly on a test of non-verbal intelligence.

The researchers said it is possible that those who are good with words find it easier to think in detail about past and future events ĘC raising the odds of them being worriers.

In contrast, those with good observational skills may live in the moment and be better at making judgments as things happen and so have less need to dwell on them later.

ASIA ONE (Singapore)

12 million driverless cars to be on the road by 2035: Study

A US survey shows that fully automated driverless cars could make up nearly 10 percent of global vehicle sales, or about 12 million cars a year, by 2035.

44 percent of US drivers surveyed would consider buying a fully autonomous vehicle within the next 10 years.

And 20 percent would be willing to pay an extra 5-thosuand US dollars or more for the advanced technology required to operate such a vehicle.

Vehicle manufacturers, including General Motors Co and Volkswagen AG's Audi, already are working on semi-automated systems that will still require some human involvement.

The first such systems, which will automatically control steering, braking and throttle in certain situations, are being phased in this year and next.

But vehicle manufacturers expect that the first truly autonomous cars will not reach the market until 2025.



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