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China-Australia Relations in Steady Growth
   2014-11-14 20:58:01    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: An Jing

Police man a checkpoint at the security cordon surrounding the Southbank precinct where the G20 Summit will be held in Brisbane, Friday, November 14, 2014. [Photo:CFP]


The Chinese president will soon travel to Australia on a mission to further strenthen partnership between the two countries.

Along with his attendence at the G20 leaders summit in Brisbane on the 15th and 16th, Xi Jinping will also pay a State Visit.

Our Australian correspondent Wang Xiao has more.

Professor Kerry Brown, Executive Director of the China Studies Center at the University of Sydney, says the APEC meeting in Beijing set the tone for G20.

"I think APEC is a good oppotunity for Asian partners to think in what ways they are going in the same direction and in what ways they have differences between each other. Obviously the America and China are big players in this grouping, but Australia is a very significant one. So it's a great way to set the mood really for the G20 with will happen a few days later in Australia."

China and Australia have agreed during the APEC that the two countries will work together to make new progress in cooperation.

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Ma Zhaoxu says President Xi's state visit will promote the partnership between the two countries to a higher level.

"I think that President Xi's visit will promote mutual trust, strengthen bilateral cooperation, and deepen friendship. President Xi's visit will definitely level up the partnership of the two sides."

China is Australia's biggest trading partner and largest export market. A clearing bank for Chinese yuan is set to open in Sydney, further facilitating trade and financial transactions between the two nations.

Ma Zhaoxu also pointed out that friendship between the two countries is the foundation of bilateral development, and people to people communications are a guarantee of fruitful partnership.

"In the past few years, China and Australia have enjoyed frequent people to people exchanges. Last year, a large number of Chinese tourists came to Australia. At the same time, many Australians traveled to China. China and Australia also enjoy good cooperation in education sector. Up to 220 thousand Chinese students are studying in Australia. People to people exchanges can promote the friendship between the two countries, which will drive the development of bilateral relationship."

Professor Brown says Australia will not pick a side when it comes to disputes between China and the US in the Asia Pacific region, but will endeavor to express its own, clear, home-grown policies.

"What Australia might need is distinctive foreign policy, just making clear the decision is made in Canberra not in Washington. Australia 's interest is to have a strong economy, good climate, have a peaceful environment. And those are the center of Australia's foreign policy. You really are making sure that your friendships are extensive and collaborative."

Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane and pay a state visit to Australia after the meeting. It is the first state visit to Australia by a Chinese President in 7 years.

For CRI, I'm Wang Xiao in Sydney.



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