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Money Can't Buy Happiness After All
   2014-11-06 21:28:27    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Chu



Riding Segways Banned on City Subway

Motorized personal transporters, such as the two-wheeled Segways and electric unicycles, cannot be used in the city's subway system due to safety concerns, Metro police said yesterday.

But these were not included in a list of banned items on the Metro issued earlier this year.

Anyone caught using these powered personal transporters will be warned by Metro staff or police, but no further punishment will be given.

Segways and unicycles are already banned from Shanghai's roads by traffic police.

Under Shanghai's Metro regulations, bicycles and other forms of personal transport are not allowed on the subway system.

According to the regulations, Metro passengers are also not allowed to use skateboards or roller skates in Metro stations, due to safety risks to others.


Money Can't Buy Happiness After All

A survey has found no direct correlation between wealth and happiness although money still tops the list of factors affecting people's feeling of contentment.

The "2014 Chinese happiness index" survey was jointly conducted by Xiaokang, a fortnightly Chinese magazine, and the media research lab of Tsinghua University.

Some 61 percent of over 36 thousand people who responded nationally said they feel happy with their lives while nearly 14 percent said they are not that happy.

When asked which element most affects their feelings of happiness, the majority of respondents said money, followed by health and marriage.

But 65 percent don't believe that the more money a person has, the happier he will be. Most said an annual salary of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan would make them happy.

When asked what government action could improve the feeling of happiness, most chose a pay raise, better food safety or social security.


Korean Children Least Happy in OECD

A recent survey shows that South Korean school children were the least happy among those in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD countries.

In the latest survey, the subjective happiness index of South Korean children was 60.3 percent, which was the lowest among the OECD countries.

Some of the major reasons behind the statistics include lack of leisure time and hobbies, as well as stress over academic obligations.

South Korea's schoolchildren were found to be the unhappiest in the OECD in previous years, with 64 points in 2009, 65 in 2010 and 69 in 2012.

Meanwhile, children in the Netherlands were the happiest with over 94 percent, followed by those in Iceland and Finland, who scored both around 90 percent.


Secondhand Smoke Exposure Cause Weight Gain or Not

A new study suggests that exposure to cigarette smoke actually causes weight gain, and for non-smokers, secondhand smoke enhances this effect.

It is already well known that smoking carries with it significant risks to health. But for those who do not smoke, secondhand - and even thirdhand - smoke poses certain risks.

A separate study suggests non-smokers who live with smokers are exposed to three times the healthy limit of dangerous air particles recommended by the WHO.

According to the latest study, half of the population in the US is exposed to secondhand smoke at least once daily, and around 20 percent of young children live with smokers.

Additionally, nearly 4-thousand young adults in the US smoke their first cigarette every day, and 1-thousand become habitual smokers.



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