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Another Facet of Wenzhou

The refined and elegant ancient gentry of Wenzhou idyllic romance is gradually being forgotten. Wenzhou, cast in the eyes of the general public, nowadays is a miniature of modern China. Just like an ostentatious limousine speeding on a modernized highway, the time-honored and splendid historic and cultural glamour is blurred by the speed and beauty along the highway. We would pay great attention to the natural and spiritual life of Wenzhou reflected in the rearview mirror of culture, especially under the present circumstance when most people are frenzied about the nostalgia.
• Sour and Sweet
• Square and Round
• Mountains and Rivers
Several Significant Old Books in Wenzhou

Mr. Fei Xiaotong once said in his Rural China that as human relations are taken into good consideration in the Chinese society, the fundamental feature of the Chinese society is that the society is like ripples on the surface of a water body: the farer from the center, the weaker the ripple will be; the so-called "relation" stands for the difference sequence of ripples generated between oneself and all people that can be referred to as his/her social relations..made up of various human relations.
• A Passport to China
• Ordinary People
• Book of Lishan Village
Episodes of Artistic Life in Wenzhou

- Roasting Fresh Tea with Optimal Fire, Savoring Poem and Wine in the Prime of Life

The disposition of Wenzhou originates from the local citizens. Heavy Metal, Light Chinese Style or BOBO Style, no matter what kind, the one that the people of Wenzhou love most is the life itself.
• Leisure time of Rock 'n' roll youngsters
• The Footprints of Poetry
• Lazy mood in tipsy
• Making a cup of tea for life
When Academies in Wenzhou Meet University of Bologna

 With numerous rivers and streams flowing into the Oujiang River, Wenzhou as
 a modern city surrounded by green mountains rises straight from the ground
 among a number of ancient villages.
The Plum Rain Pool: A Place of Memories

 When the dusk began to fall, the Plum Rain Pool somehow came into my mind, which was located nearby.
Wenzhou: the City of Warmth

From individuals and groups to the general public and corporations, the power of non-governmental charity is expanding and strengthening in Wenzhou.

  • The new charity landscape: Red Sun Pavilion
  • Wenzhou businessmen: the people of righteousness and shrewdness in business
  • The rise of modern civic awareness
 In  Video

• The Fringes of Hip Hop Culture
What do hip hop, Harley-Davidsons, parkour, skate boarding and boxing have in common? For the gang at Wenzhou's Jinwutang Club: everything.

• Getting Vocal in Wenzhou
Wenzhou's premiere choir, under the guidance of Zhou Yuefei, has been winning competitions and offering something unique to the city and its people.

• Getting Around Wenzhou
Public transportation has a long history in Wenzhou. A river bus cruised the Tang River as early as 1937. Today, the people of Wenzhou use transportation cards to access the new river bus, taxis, buses and public bicycles.

• The Decline of a Fishing Industry
The waters of Wenzhou's Dongtou County were once teeming with fish, the foundation of a booming fishing industry. An ex-fisherman describes the lives of fishers, and how the fishing industry has floundered over the years.

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