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Male Graduates Put Earnings Above Job Satisfaction
   2014-10-30 20:25:15    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Yangyang



China Youth Daily

"Respondents: decision makers and approvers are responsible for weird buildings"

A survey by China Youth Daily reveals over four fifth people believe decision makers and approvers are responsible for weird buildings in China.

According to the survey, 63 percent respondents say weird landmarks exist in their cities. Close to 57 percent believe building weird constructions is a waste of money and annoying.

Feng Guochuan, an architect thinks some domestic leaders and property owners pay great attention to the outlook of buildings and they would like to share their opinions on the design.

Feng believes their interference in the design, which is unprofessional, lead to those weird buildings directly.

Cheng Taiming, an academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, says architects usually don't have the final say. Sometimes, in order to cater for the developers and leaders, they drive the creation of weird buildings.

China Daily

"Insect cuisine suggested to solve food shortages"

Fried locusts, ant soup and other dishes made from insects could be the answer to the current global food crisis.

Paul Vantomme, senior forestry officer of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, said the scarcity of food and resources is an inevitable threat to human development that can be solved through eating bugs.

Vantomme is visiting Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan from Tuesday to Friday.

The UN officer said edible insects have many advantages in that they grow quickly, emit less pollution and are high in nutrients.

He also added that many insects worldwide contain high quality protein, vitamins and amino acids required by humans, and can be used as animal feed or human food to alleviate the world's food crises.

Vantomme said insects can be grown on organic waste, thus also reducing air and water pollution.

According to a report released by the FAO last year, crickets need six times less feed than cattle, four times less than sheep and half as much as pigs and chickens to produce the same amount of protein.

CBS News (US)

"Wasting time on the Internet" now a college class

Ever feel guilty about wasting too much time on the Internet? Think of it as a profound existential exploration for a higher purpose: course credit.

Students at the University of Pennsylvania will soon be able to get academic credit for taking a class that actually requires them to waste time online. The goal of the class, called "Wasting time on the Internet," is to take the experience of tweeting, online chatting and watching silly YouTube videos and turn it into a work of literature.

The course description reads "Distraction, multi-tasking, and aimless drifting is mandatory".

Students in the class will be expected "to stare at the screen for three hours, only interacting through chat rooms, bots, social media and listservs."

The course will be available this coming spring.

The Telegraph

"Male graduates put earnings above job satisfaction"

A new student research by trendence UK reveals young men graduating from university expect to earn more money, work longer hours and be less satisfied in their job than their female peers.

The survey covered over 27,000 students at 126 UK universities.

The result seems to suggest that graduates' career expectations are still strongly shaped by gender.

For example, male graduates are prepared to spend around four more hours a week at work and expect to be paid 12percent more than female graduates, on average.

The men surveyed also have a greater tendency to say they'd choose a bigger pay packet over job satisfaction.

The survey also suggests that female graduates are more selective when seeking employment, being more likely to say ethical and moral issues play an important role in their choice of employer.

Women also place greater priority on finding a job in an organisation that has a diverse workforce.

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