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Lawmakers Discuss Hong Kong Election Methods in Beijing
Latest News
• China Considers Renaming National Security Law "Counterespionage"
A bill to revise the national security law, tabled for its first reading Monday, suggests changing the law's title to the counterespionage law.
• Budget Bill Tightens Control of Local Government Bonds
The draft revision to China's Budget Law, tabled for its fourth reading on Monday, requires funds raised through local government bonds to be used only for public service.
• More Chinese Cities to Get Legislative Powers
More Chinese cities will be given legislative powers, according to a draft amendment to the 2000 Legislation Law delivered to the country's top legislature for deliberation on Monday.
• China's Top Legislature Starts Discussing HK Electoral Reform
Hong Kong's electoral reform began its second stage Monday with the country's top legislature discussing whether to revise election methods for Hong Kong's chief executive and legislature.
• China Mulls Higher Fines for Workplace Accidents
Chinese lawmakers are considering imposing fines of up to 5 million yuan (810,000 U.S. dollars) on enterprises involved in serious workplace accidents.
• Chinese Lawmakers Consider Establishing Special IPR Courts
Chinese lawmakers on Monday began reviewing a draft decision on establishing special courts to hear cases related to intellectual property rights (IPR).
• China Clarifies Citizens' Rights to Sue Government
A bill that would make it easier for citizens to bring court cases against the government went up for a second review on Monday.
• China's Top Legislature Opens Week-long Session
The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, opened its bi-monthly session on Monday with a dozen important bills under review.
• Lawmakers Review Changes on National Security Law
The planned changes would include new regulations on counterespionage that have proven effective in practice, but not been written into the current laws.
• NPC to Decide on HK Election Methods
China's top legislature has received a report from Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying on possible revisions to how the region's chief executive and local legislature will be elected in future, it confirmed on Tuesday.
NPC Chairman

Zhang Dejiang
About Congress
• National People's Congress
• NPC Standing Committee
• Chairmen's Council
Special Committees
The NPC has nine special committees. The NPC directs the work of each of all these special committees. When the NPC is not in session, the special committees are subjected to the leadership of the NPC Standing Committee.
• Ethnic Affairs Committee
• Law Committee
• Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee
• Financial and Economic Affairs Committee
• Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee
• Foreign Affairs Committee
• Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee
• Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee
• Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee
Other Bodies
The NPC Standing Committee operates its working and administrative bodies to provide services at NPC sessions, meetings of the Standing Committee, and the Chairmen's Council of the Standing Committee.
• General Office
• Legislative Affairs Commission
• Budgetary Affairs Commission
• Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law Committee
• Macao Special Administrative Region Basic Law Committee

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