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Xinjiang Diary Day 8: Saying Goodbye to Xinjiang and the XPCC
In northern Xinjiang, outside the city of Yi-ning, there's a field awash with blue and purple lavender flowers. These fragrant plants are widely used throughout the cosmetic world in perfumes, soaps, hand creams and even foot creams.
Xinjiang Diary
• Xinjiang Diary Day 7: Getting to know in Yining, Xinjiang
Located just 70 kilometers from China'border with Kazakhstan, Xinjiang's city of Yining is probably one of the most significant cities on the historical silk road. In the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, the city, which was then known as Ghulja, is called the economic and commercial center in a "territory in north-west China" bounded by the Russian border and the mountains that surround the Ili basins.
• Xinjiang Diary Day 6: Yining
Xinjiang is geographically diverse and our journey so far has been a testament to that. While the city of Shihezi is bordered by the Taklamakan Desert and its climate is dry and hot, the area surrounding Yining is wetter than most of Xinjiang and has rich grazing lands.
• Xinjiang Diary Day 5: Last day in Shihezi
We explored the natural history of Xinjiang at the Shihezi University's History Museum. The museum has five floors and each floor has displays of different organisms.
• Xinjiang Diary Day 4: Sights and Sounds at Shihezi
If there is one thing that's not scarce in Xinjiang, it is sheep. Their meat is found in all kinds of dishes: lamb soup, lamb stew, lamb-kabobs. In Xinjiang, people also cook them in a variety of ways: fried, steamed, grilled and etc.
• Xinjiang Diary Day 3: A Day of Drinking And Playing in Shihezi
A heart-dropping ride down sand dunes, a breezy walk in a man-made forest and a taste of wine made in the French style. You can find all of these and more in the surrounding areas of Xinjiang's city, Shihezi.
• Xinjiang Diary Day 2: Wujiaqu
We took off from Xinjiang's capital city, Urumqi and officially started off our tour of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, or XPCC. A little bit more than an hour later, we arrived at Wujiaqu.
• Xinjiang Diary Day 1: Urumqi, The Capital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is a unique economic and semi-military governmental organization in Xinjiang. Its goals are to promote economic development, ensure social stability and ethnic harmony while consolidating border defense.
Life In Xinjiang
• Rural Old-age Insurance in Yining
Most residents in Yining have participated in rural old-age insurance.
• Local Projects Improve Lives in Xinjiang
New housing projects for low-income urban residents in Xinjiang has help more than 1,200,000 herders relocate to new homes.
• Pass Warmth to Communities
The Yining municipal government of Xinjiang has sent living necessities to families with financial difficulties to help them spend a happy New Year and Spring Festival.
• Yining Provides Housing for 90 Percent Residents
Yining city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has provided housing for nearly 90 percent of its residents, meeting the housing demands of urban and rural residents.
• Enyell Township Promotes Tourism Featuring Folk Customs
Travel In Xinjiang
• Tudahongbayi Courtyard
The program ingeniously weaves cultural relic protection into Uygur buildings and modern history into a high-tech experience.
• Kazanqi Folk Tourism District
The district is a major site featuring Uygur people's original folk customs.
• Six-star Street
The street is of great value to research on the history of Ili architecture.
• Pedestrian Market and Performance Square
It has become a platform to showcase and sell unique local products, folk artwork and exotic items.
• Memorial Hall of Revolutionary Martyrs
It is made up of thee major parts, including seven tombs of former revolutionary leaders, a monument and an exhibition room.
• Memorial Hall of Lin Zexu
The memorial hall demonstrates the gratitude shown to him from all the ethnic groups in Ili as a national hero.
• Memorial Hall of Han Princesses
It features the marriage of Princess Xiju and Princess Jieyou from the Han Dynasty to the king of the Wusun Kingdom.
• Museum of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture
There are more than 2,700 pieces of rare and famous cultural relics in the museum.
• Golden Sawdust Painting
Golden sawdust painting is known for its portability and utility as an indoor decoration, offices and restaurants.
• Sand Painting
The unique art form of sand painting in terms of artistic balance between traditional aesthetics and modern elements.

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