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• Noodles of Henan
Daniel Holmes travels to Zhengzhou to sample its popular noodle dishes.

• Exploring the Shaolin Temple
Daniel Holmes explores the mystique behind the Shaolin Temple.

• Kung Fu Culture
Daniel Holmes heads to Henan province, the home of China's famous kung fu schools.

• Foreigners See Paying Respects to Ancestor

• From Turin to Zhengzhou - Resonance of Prosperous and Civilization

• Yutong: Building Perfect Urban Public Transit
Zhengzhou Yutong Bus is a modern conglomerate centered on the development, manufacturing and sales of buses.

• The City Driven By a Train
History has given Zhengzhou two opportunities; the first one is a train. Zhengzhou is known as "a City Driven By a Train," as it is the heart of China's railway service.

• Zhengzhou's Metro Times
On Dec. 28, 2013, the first-stage of the Line 1 subway project in Zhengzhou officially opened to the public. Zhengzhou became the first city in central China to have its own metro system.

• Su Lanfang and Her Legend in Henan Opera
Each artist has his or her own unique aesthetic ideology and personality. Su Lanfang, an old artist who used to sing West Henan Opera, was the one of the first students of opera educator Zhou Haishui.

• At the Touch of Modern Art
Zhengzhou is a fertile land for classical art. The area has been home to many Chinese masters of painting and calligraphy. But for modern art, Zhengzhou was a virgin land.

• Paper Cutting, Clay Figurine Zhang and Tea Culture

• Paper Cutting, Clay Figurine Zhang and Tea Culture

• Paper Cutting, Clay Figurine Zhang and Tea Culture

• My Kongfu Dream: Shaolin Temple
The Shaolin temple is immensley symbolic of China's rich cultural heritage. 
• Interview with Hu Quan: A Tour Inside Zhengzhou's CPEZ
Sitting in the middle of China's Central Plains, Zhengzhou, the once cultural pivot of ancient China, is now the hinge of the wider region's economy. Thanks to a booming aviation industry, the city's future is bright. In March 2013, the State Council approved the Planning and Development of the Zhengzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Airport-based Economy from 2013 to 2025.

• Zhengzhou -- The Place in My Heart

The place in my heart is not the barbaric and bloody Rome described by Rafaello Giovagnoli in his book "Spartaco"; nor is it the Acropolis of Athens, a symbol of ancient Greek civilization and art which was subject to precarious conditions.

The place in my heart is not the Great Wall dating back to the Qin Dynasty, the construction and renovation of which lasted for a thousand years, costing countless lives and leaving countless broken families; nor is it the Old Summer Palace, a once splendid imperial garden reduced to rubble following a long story of plunder, shame and sadness.

• Introduction to Chinese Civilization in Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou, a city that is both old and new, is located on the eastern slope of China's famous sacred mountain--Songshan Mountain, and on the bank of China's mighty mother river--Yellow River. It's old because the forefathers of the Chinese people never left the city after choosing it as their place of residence 100,000 years ago.

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