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Photo of Official Being Carried at Flood Rescue Site Gets Him Fired
   2014-06-23 15:34:12    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Mengzhen

Wang Junhua, a government official in the city of Guixi, southeast China's Jiangxi province, was removed from office on June 22, 2014, after a photo of him being carried on the back of a subordinate to avoid getting wet at a flood-rescue site, where two students went missing last Friday, went viral and sparked outrage online. [Photo: Weibo]

Wang Junhua, a government official in the city of Guixi, southeast China's Jiangxi province, was removed from office on Sunday after a photo of him at a flood-rescue site in the area, in which he was seen being carried by a subordinate to avoid getting wet, went viral and sparked outrage online, chinanews.com reports.

Wang, a deputy director at one of the city's government offices, and his subordinate, Ding Xianbao, came to the area to oversee rescue efforts at the site on Saturday where three local students fell into deep flood waters the previous day as a result of heavy rainfall in Lantian village, which is under the jurisdiction of Guixi. Two of the students are still missing, while one managed to find dry land after the fall.

An investigation was launched by the Guixi government after the photo circulated online. Through its official weibo microblog account, the local government said that Wang was removed from office because "his behavior had a negative impact on society." According to the investigation, Ding volunteered to carry Wang on his back across the submerged road.

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