Textile Quota Elimination

    Since 1 January 1995, international textiles and clothing trade has been going through fundamental change under the 10-year transitional programme of the WTO's Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC). China has said it will adopt responsible measures to protect its trading partners' interest once global textile quotas are eliminated.
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Greenspan Not in Favor of Tariff Punishment to China 
China to Resume Export Licenses for Textiles  
China, US Negotiate on Trade Friction 
China Textile Show Opens in US 
EU Confident on China-EU Textile Deal 
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US, China Near Tough Textiles Accord 
Germany Urges EU to Ease Textile Curbs 
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China Protests Against US Limits on Woolen Trousers
Negotiation to Solve Trade Dispute
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v Greenspan Not in Favor of Tariff Punishment to China 
v Textile Industry Urges More Import Curbs 
v EU Still Seeks China Textile Deal 
v EU Opposes Return of Quotas on China Textiles 
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v China Protests Over U.S. Imports Decision  2005-08-04
v Restriction of Textile Products Opposed  2005-08-03
v US Decision on Textile Appreciated  2005-08-03
v US Response to Textile Talks Active  2005-07-26
v Export Tariffs on Textile Goods Scrapped  2005-07-26
v China, US to Hold Trade Talks Soon  2005-07-26
v Textile Export License May be Resumed  2005-07-26
v China Protests Against US Limits on Woolen Trousers  2005-07-22
v EU Office to Cut Off Sweater Imports  2005-07-22
v Greenspan Not in Favor of Tariff Punishment to China  2005-07-21
v China Opposes US Gov't Probe into Curtain Limits  2005-07-19
v Chinese Firms Warned to Suspend Textile Export to US  2005-07-19
v 10,000 Textile Firms Suffer from Limits  2005-07-18
v Turkey's Textile Proposal "Unacceptable"  2005-07-16
v US to Be Prudent on Textile Safeguards  2005-07-12
v US Textile Industry Urges More Curbs  2005-07-12
v Canada May Curb Chinese Textile  2005-07-11
v China, US Ink Deals in Trade Talks  2005-07-11
v China, US Agree to Continue Textile Talks  2005-07-09
v China, US Discussing Textile Tensions  2005-07-08