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    Stephane Peterhansel of Mitsubishi and KTM's motorcyclist Andy Caldecott won the 13th stage of the Dakar Rally.
Dakar Rally 
A Tragic Dakar Rally 
    The 27th edition of the Dakar Rally will go down in the annals as one of the most dangerous, the most difficult, and above all, the most tragic in its history. 2005/01/18
Peterhansel Retains Dakar Rally Title 
    Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel has pocketed his second successive Dakar Rally title. 2005/01/16
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Dakar 2005
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v A Tragic Dakar Rally  2005/01/18
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v Peterhansel Retains Dakar Rally Title  2005/01/16
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v Peterhansel, Caldecott Wins 13th Stage  2005/01/14
v De Villiers Posts Stage Win as Dakar Mourns Meoni  2005/01/13
v De Villiers Posts Dakar Stage Win  2005/01/13
v Meoni's Teammates Elect to Continue  2005/01/12
v Kleinschmidt, Coma Win 11th Stage  2005/01/12
v Men Guangyuan Drops out of Rally  2005/01/11
v Italian Meoni Dies in Dakar Rally  2005/01/11
v Peterhansel and Depression Prevail in 10th Stage  2005/01/11
v Alphand Wins Ninth Stage of Dakar-2005  2005/01/09
v Sandstorm Brings Chaos to Dakar Rally  2005/01/08
v Peterhansel Grabs Stage and Dakar Lead  2005/01/07
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