Textile Quota Elimination

    Since 1 January 1995, international textiles and clothing trade has been going through fundamental change under the 10-year transitional programme of the WTO's Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC). China has said it will adopt responsible measures to protect its trading partners' interest once global textile quotas are eliminated.
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Textile Trade Surges at East China Fair 
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China Imposes Textile Duties to Streamline Exports 
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Solve Textile Dispute through Dialogue 
    China's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Liu Jianchao, says stronger dialogue and cooperation is the most effective way to solve textile trade disputes.
EU Rejects Calls for China Textile Curbs 
    The European Union's trade chief has rejected the EU textile industry's demands for restrictions on imports from China, saying China should not be denied gains from the end of decades-old quotas. 2005-03-17
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Negotiation to Solve Trade Dispute
Mutual Benefit Trade
Adjusting Textile Export Structure
Self-Imposed Export Tarrif
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v Solve Textile Dispute through Dialogue  2005-03-22
v EU Rejects Calls for China Textile Curbs  2005-03-17
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