Bamboo Wins Gold in China Fashion Week
   2013-03-26 16:58:30      Web Editor: Jiang Aitao

Wang Zhixian, won the Hempel Award gold prize at the 21st China International Young Fashion Designers Contest on Monday March 25, 2013. Wang's "No Boundaries" themed bold designs topped the 29 groups of designs during China Fashion Week. [Photo: Linruo]

The Hempel Awards at the 21st China International Young Fashion Designer Contest, has kicked off China Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collections.

The Hempel Awards at the 21st China International Young Fashion Designer Contest, has kicked off China Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collections.

The Hempel Awards organized by the China Fashion Association and Hempel International Group, were presented at the Beijing Hotel with 30 young designers from 14 countries and regions represented. They included China, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Canada and South Korea. The contest was themed "Boundary" and turned the runway to a new bold stage full of imagination.

"Boundary" aimed to break down the boundaries that exist between different countries, ethnicities, and people and encouraged the imagination of the designers. The theme also encouraged the design concepts to pay more attention to nature and the human habitat.

Designers are starting blend the natural beauty of fashion with natural elements of our environment, such as withered flowers, bamboo chips, and hemp. "Fabric mix and match" has become a new trend, following the popular "mix and match" design trends that have been prominent in the fashion world over the past year.

Wang Zhixian, a recent graduate from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, won the Hempel Award top prize for her "No Boundaries" bold designs.

Using bamboo as the representative traditional Chinese cultural element, Wang felt that it was important to study and apply the traditional Chinese cultural elements into her creations.

Wang said that because bamboo is one of the raw materials used for sustainable development in the textile and garment industries, and more importantly because she was inspired by the light, smooth and bright characteristics of bamboo, the material allowed her to convey a sense of modernization in her designs.

Although the long process of using porcelain technology to transform bamboo textiles into specially made pieces of clothing was rather difficult, the three months of hard work that Wang put into her project paid off.

The silver prize was shared by a young German designer, Christna Sieber, from ESMOD Berlin, for her "Motocross" themed designs, and Korean Park Min-Seo, who attended the Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Japan, for his "Connection" themed designs.

The bronze prize was shared by two Chinese designers. Beijing's Wang Liqun, who studied at the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing, was recognized for her "Taoism" themed designs, and Liu Tong from Sichuan, China, created a collection using the theme of "Fortress Besieged."

Written by Zhang Linruo

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