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Along the Silk Road: Ahat Tohti--Dolan Muqam
Dolan Muqam, Uyghur history told through music.
Along the Silk Road: Xushi Yin'e--Ceylon Princess in Quanzhou
An extraordinary story of an ordinary woman turning into the Ceylon Princess.
Along the Silk Road: Joy Bostwick--The Silk Road Artist
American artist documents the beauty of Xinjiang with her paintings.
Along the Silk Road: Elise Anderson --An American Xinjiang Idol
Elise Anderson became a local celebrity because of her passion for the Uyghur performing arts.
Along the Silk Road: Raphael Bertrand--A Marriage of Wine and Tea
French senior wine taster,Raphael Bertrand teaches Chinese people about wine appreciation.
Along the Silk Road: Dev Raturi--Indian Ingenuity
Dev brings India's unique culture to China, showcasing its food, and rediscovering Silk Road ties.
Along the Silk Road: Haji Fida Hussain--Pakistani Export Tycoon
Pakistani businessman Haji is exporting Chinese goods all over the world.
Along the Silk Road: Michael Marsden--Kashgar Entrepreneur
How to open a factory and make the best baby food in China?
Along the Silk Road: Josh Summers--Rediscover Xinjiang
Josh Summers reveals a hidden side of Xinjiang that is invisible in the western media.
Along the Silk Road: Ben Giaimo--A Foreign Disciple of Confucius
American student, Ben, is trying to sell Confucian wisdom to the west by using American slang.
Along the Silk Road: Akhilesh Bhatt--Yoga Way Of Life
Indian born, Akhilesh Bhatt, spreads the true meaning of yoga across China.
Along the Silk Road: Fahad Javaid--Aspiring Entrepreneur
Aspiring Entrepreneur, Fahad Javaid, has ambitions of starting his own international business in Guangzhou.
Along the Silk Road: Massoud and Majid--Persian Paradise
Iranian twins, Massoud and Majid, introduce traditional handicrafts, jewellery and Persian carpets to China.
My China: Steward Wilson
Steward Wilson from Florida has become a Kung Fu master in China. He has also turned himself from a coffee drinker to a tea drinker. Besides teaching Kung Fu, he is also teaching Chinese people his own culture.
My China: Sal Haque
Sal Haque, a TV producer from Canada, shares his life in Shanghai and his observations of Chinese cities
My China:An American Photographer/Actor
An American photographer/actor describes his work, life, and family in China.
My China: Anna, from Moldova
Anna, from Moldova, is practicing Zen meditation at the Shaolin Temple in central China. She has also been studying traditional Chinese medicine and helped others with her skills.
My China: Mohanad Shalabi
Mohanad Shalabi, from Jordan, has established his own family and business in Yiwu in east China. He and his Chinese wife have two sons now. As Shalabi said in the video, Yiwu is home to a lot of foreigners like himself.
My China: Alex Simms
Alex Simms, a British director, is directing War Horse at the National Theater of China. He says Chinese hospitality makes it very easy to live here. The show War Horse will be played for at least 200 times around China
My China: The Love Story
The love story between a Dutch businessman and his Chinese wife
Media Showcase of Documentary Series South Africans in China Held in Beijing
On June 24th, CRIEnglish.com holds the media showcase to present documentary series South Africans in China.
Ian Hamlinton--The Yangshuo Madman
When Ian came to a small village in Guangxi and rented six derelict Qing Dynasty houses, the locals branded him "The Madman".
Busisiwe Thage--Lady Charity
As the Spouse of South African Consul-General in Shanghai, Busi commits herself to charity in China.
Pamela Murray--Saving Shadow Puppetry
What inspired Pamela to inject new life into an ancient Chinese artform on the brink of death?
Reggie Geldenhuys--Daddy DJ
DJ Reggie Geldenhuys by night, a father of two by day...How does Reggie balance his Chinese life?
Winston Sterzel--The Original China Vlogger
China was nothing like it had been portrayed in the west, and Winston Sterzel vowed to break outdated stereotypes.
Mark O'Connell--Driving Chinese Golf up to Par
Coming from the most famous golf course in South Africa, Mark injects new life into the Chinese game.
Andile Munyai--Back to School in Beijing
Andile swapped his South African DJ decks to become a student again, studying business in Beijing.
Byron Jacobs--Popularizing Traditional Chinese Wushu
Former professional wushu athlete, Byron, devotes his life to practicing and spreading Chinese martial arts across the world.
Candice Botha--A Passion For Music
Away from teaching theatre and choir at her Shanghai international school, Candice harbors bigger dreams.
Calvin Van Zyl--Uncorking the Chinese Wine Market
Through his import business and Shanghai bars, Calvin aims to make South African wine China's favorite.
Grant Horsfield--The naked Escape
After moving to Shanghai, Grant's need to escape city life helped forge a whole new rural getaway industry in China.
Tebogo Lefifi--Building a Brand
Working alone in China, Tebogo Lefifi is building a 'brand' for her native South Africa in the world's largest economy.
Elisabeth Koch--Making Hats Mainstream
How has Elisabeth brought previously unpopular hats to the forefront of Chinese fashion?
Alex Edmunds--Searching for Love in China
Alex Edmunds introduces China to Western-style dating with his singles service, Coucou8.
Dominic Johnson-Hill--Bringing Novelty Tees to the East
20 years in China have transformed Dominic Johnson-Hill from tearaway teenager, to global T-shirt businessman and TV celebrity.
Bruce Nikoo--Making China's First Gift App
After a Chinese business trip, Canadian Bruce 'accidentally' settled in Beijing as an app designer in China's growing e-commerce market.
Anina Net--Fashion of the Future
American catwalk model turned CEO Anina brings her unique fusion of fabric and technology to the Chinese fashion industry.
Rowan Simons--Kicking Chinese Football into Play
Being president of Greater China GWR Ltd, why is Rowan Simons so fascinated about the spread of Chinese football?
Chelsey Mark--Becoming a Superstar
After starting his own business, does Chelsey finally have the tools to become China's top TV host?

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