CHINATALKS: Deepened Economic Ties between China and Greece
Host Zheng Chenguang talks to Notis Mitarachi, Vice Minister for Development & Competitiveness of Greece.
CHINATALKS: Interview with Greek Ambassador to China
What opportunities and challenges will the EU presidency bring to Greece?
CHINATALKS: China-US Relations, China-Japan Relations
So how can China and the US keep their relations stable?
CHINATALKS: A Conversation with Martin Lees
What does Martin Lees think of the world economy today?
CHINATALKS: Interview with Former French PM
De Villepin on the world's credit-rating business.
CHINATALKS:Chinese Higher Education
What efforts should Chinese universities make to move up the ladder in higher education?
CHINATALKS: The Entrepreneurial Eco-System
CHINATALKS looks at entrepreneurship in China.
CHINATALKS: Frmr Australian PM Bob Hawke on Sino-Australia Relations
Bob Hawke speaks out on the outlook for future Sino-Australia ties.
CHINATALKS: The Migrant Children Foundation, Filling the Gap
Government's role in educating the children of migrant workers.
CHINATALKS: Danish Ambassador to China, on Renewable and Green Energy
Capacity and consumption of green energy in China.
CHINATALKS: Tackling China's Corporate Culture
Innovative leadership in China.
CHINATALKS: Private Healthcare in China
China's first foreign invested hospital, the Beijing United Family hospital, opened in 1997.
CHINATALKS: The Concept of Useful Architecture in China
The dilution of China's architectural philosophy.
CHINATALKS: The Role of Weibo in Today's Social Media Age
CHINATALKS' John Artman sat down with the founder and editor-in-chief of, Jeremy Goldkorn to talk about the rise of Weibo and its importance within modern China from both social and political perspectives.
CHINATALKS: Grassroots Football in China and Its Many Obstacles
Development of grassroots football in China.
CHINATALKS: BRICS Nations, China and South Africa
China-South Africa relations and the upcoming BRICS Summit.
CHINATALKS: Sino-Danish Relations On the Up
The growing ties between China and Denmark.
CHINATALKS: China and India as Emerging Markets
CHINATALKS speaks to Dr. Anil K Gupta about market entry, innovation, and the impact of political systems.
CHINATALKS: The Role of International Education in Creating China's Future Graduates
CHINATALKS' John Artman was joined in the studio by Zhong Zhou, Associate Professor at Tsinghua University's Institute of Education, to talk about the development of Chinese students who study abroad and the importance of pursuing international education in order to achieve a holistic education.
CHINATALKS: Maintaining Excellence in Competitive Times

CHINATALKS' Stuart Wiggin speaks to Yngvar Stray about the requirements luxury hotels must fulfill in order to maintain levels of excellence within an increasingly competitive market.
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CRI Interview with Former Australian Foreign Minister
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Pakistani businessman Haji is exporting Chinese goods all over the world.
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