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Happy Easter  
    2006-04-12 16:06:25

Happy Easter  

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R-Man is awake  

Question: What are the symbols of Easter? 复活节的标志性事物是什么呢? 

Easter 复活节童趣

    Boy: Would you like to color some eggs?

    Girl: Yes I would.

    B: Do u have any yellow dye?

    G: No I don't but I do have some green dye,

B: Ok I will take it.

We will make some beautiful easter eggs

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The Story of Easter 关于复活节

Easter is a special holiday in spring,
It is a christian holiday,
and it falls on a special Sunday in April
Jesus died on a good Friday,
Jesus came to life again and it was on Sunday.

Today Christians go to church and have a special service on easter Sunday,
Many people sing and pray on easter Sunday,
they think of new life in heaven after death.
It is a very happy day.

Flowers, eggs, rabbits, lambs and chickens are symbols of Easter,
they are all symbols of new life.

In some places, people celebrate easter by wearing new brightly clolored clothes in an Easter  parade
Children like the easter bunny and his baskets of goodies.

The Easter bunny likes to fill his basket with colored egges and candy,

then he hide the eggs and candy in many places on the day before the Easter Sunday,

On Easter Sunday morning children hunt for the eggs and  candies,

On Easter Sunday everning, children eat a big dinner with their families.

                               5 Little Bunnies 五只小兔子

                             Five little bunnies hide Easter egg

                             They hid the eggs here and there

                             When children hunt for the easter eggs,

                             One of the eggs walk with legs.


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