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    2006-04-12 15:58:45

 Questions from the story:

1. What are some of the Marsupials in Australia? 2. Is Platypus a kind of Bird or Mammal? 3. What do Koala bears mainly eat? 4. What does Tony suggest Nancy buy as a souvenir gift from Australia?

Nancy: Buckle up, everyone! We are flying to Australia…

Here I am in Australia, Sydney. This is our local *Aussie guide Tony. Let's see what and where does Tony suggest we should go for a visit? Is there anything interesting to look at?

Tony the guide (A native Aussie): I would suggest *Sydney Opera House and the *Harbor bridge. These are the landmark tourist spot in Sydney.

Nancy: Ok, I see, but how can I go there from downtown?

Tony: it’s not far, walking is the best way. And also if you want to get an entire view of the harbor, you can take a ferry (摆渡).

Nancy: Wowwww, what a great view! I love this place. The sky is blue and the people are friendly.

Tony: well you know what? I think it's time to meet some native Australian animals. I bet you will love them.

Nancy: Yeah, sounds great! Let's go!

Tony: Here are some of the famous animals in Australia called *Kangaroos. Those are *Koala bears. They are both called *marsupial. Look carefully you might find a baby kangaroo in mama kangaroo’s pocket.

Nancy: They are so cute. What is this?

Tony: oh Nancy look this is another rare species in Australia, called *platypus.

Nancy: wow, are they a kind of ducks.

Tony: No, they look like ducks but belong to mammals. See how fast they can swim?

Nancy: Yes. Amazing! Ouch!

Tony: Hey, watch out, the tree you just bumped into is native to Australia. It's called *Eucalyptus, and its leaves are the favorite food for the koala bears.

Nancy: The koala bears and kangaroos are so special, but why do you think Australia has owned so many marsupials whereas other countries don't?

Tony: good question! Australia does have a lot of such marsupials, which other countries won't have. If you look at the map closely you will discover Australia is an isolated continent on the South Pacific Ocean. This way it makes the continent unique for secluding (隔离) many rare animals and plants.

Nancy: I see, so Tony what other things are unique to your country?

Tony: The *aboriginal culture in Australia is something unique. So if you have time you can check out the Aboriginal exhibition and buy some Aboriginals' handmade souvenirs (纪念品). They are cool.

Nancy: Sure, and what other things I can bring back as a gift?

Tony: I would suggest *Lanolin cream. Those contain natural oils from the famous Australian sheep. They are highly moisturizing, and good for your skin.

Nancy: Great, I will buy some for my friends.

Rainbow Word Bank   彩虹词汇库

*Sydney Opera House- 悉尼歌剧院
*Harbor Bridge- 悉尼港湾大桥
*Kangaroos- 袋鼠
*Marsupials- 有袋类动物
*Eucalyptus- 考拉最喜欢吃的食物来源,桉树
*Platypus- 鸭嘴兽
*Aussie- 澳大利亚人
*Australian Aboriginals- 澳大利亚土著人
*Great Barrier Reef- 大堡礁 (in Queensland)
*Lanoline cream- 羊毛油 

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