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The Magical Soup
    2006-03-31 11:51:38

Question: Who has been ironing the tablecloth? 哪个女儿在熨桌布?


A Special Soup 奇特的汤

Mrs. Simpson lived in a small town with her five daughters.
Their names were Linda, Lucy, Monica, Vivian and Jessica.

One day, Mrs. Simpson invited several guests to her house for dinner.
一天, 辛普森太太邀请了一大堆朋友来家里吃晚餐。
Mrs. Simpson made the best soup in town.
But this time she forgot to put some salt in it.

Mrs. Simpson put her soup on the stove.
Then she began to sweep the floor.
Her hands got very dirty.
Suddenly she thought about the soup.
She realized she had not put any salt in it.

So she called one of her daughters to help.
“Linda,” she said, “will you put some salt into the soup?
“My hands are too dirty.”

“I can’t, Mom, I’m washing my hair,” said Linda.
Then Mrs. Simpson turned to Lucy,
“Lucy, will you put some salt into the soup?”
“I can’t,” said Lucy. “I have to sew my dress.”
“Monica, will you put some salt into the soup?” asked Mrs. Simpson.
“No, Mom,” said Monica. “Ask somebody else to do it.”
“Won’t anyone help me? Vivian, go put some salt into the soup”
“Tell Jessica to do it, Mom. I’m ironing the tablecloth,” Vivian said.
“I can’t, Mom. I’m looking for my button. I’m not going to do anything    else until I find it,” Jessica said.
So Mrs. Simpson put down her mop.
She washed her hands and salted the soup herself.
Then she went back to cleaning the floor.

A moment later, Jessica found her button under her pillow. She realized she had been very selfish.
So she went quietly to the kitchen and salted the soup.

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