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I am Going to Change
    2006-03-31 11:48:47

Question: 毛毛虫长成蝴蝶的过程中必经的那个状态叫什么?别忘了赶快来信告诉南南姐姐。 


I am Going to Change 毛毛虫长大了

There once lived a caterpillar by a pond.

This caterpillar always told his friends:

"When i grow up I am going to change into something else."

The snail said: "that's great!"

The caterpillar told the turtle: "when i grow up i am going to change into a butterfly."

The turtle said: "that's great!"

The caterpillar told the tadpole:

"when I grow up, I am going to change into something else."

The tadpole was very curious:

"Really? What are you going to change into?"

But the caterpillar hurried away, anxious to tell more friends.

The tadpole was very envious, "I hope when i grow up I can change into something else too."

The fish in the pond said: "you will, because all tadpoles will change into somehting else when they grow up."

The caterpillar wandered around the pond saying

"when I grow up I will change into something else."

The tadpole said "Me too."

"You?" the caterpillar was so surprised that he almost fell into the pond.

The tadpole said with confidence: "the fish know everything because they go to school."

The caterpillar was a little bit upset,
"I thought only caterpillars change into something else."

The tadpole asked "what will we change into."

The caterpillar said: "I am going to change into a butterfly. I don't know about you."

"I think I will change into a butterfly too," the tadpole said happily.

"That will be so much fun; we can change together."

The caterpillar agreed.

"But i would have to change first."

When the time came, the caterpillar started making a chrysalis.

The tadpole watched from the side and said:

"Wow !!! This is not easy."

Very soon, only the head of the caterpillar was left outside.

The caterpillar said,

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