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Bubby Bear Looks for Happiness
    2006-03-31 11:45:13
Question: What is Happiness to You? 什么是你的幸福? 


小熊巴比找幸福 Bubby Bear Looks For Happiness

Little Bubby Bear went looking for happiness.

Bubby the bear got up very early one day, he puts on his shoes and gloves and went out of home. He sets out to look for happiness.

On his way he met a little lamb, the little lamb is eating grass. Bubby asked the little lamb: “where do you find your happiness little lamb?”

“Grasses are everywhere, that makes me happy,” little lamb said.

Bubby then tastes the grass, “yuck, happiness tastes bitter. I don’t think I like it.”

Bubby walked on and he saw a squirrel, and the squirrel is picking acorns.

“where do you find happiness, Little Squirrel?” Bubby asked.

“I have plenty of acorns to eat, that makes me happy.” Squirrel said.

Bubby takes a bite of the acorn, but it is very hard. Bubby said, “So happiness is hard I don’t think I like it.”

Bubby continues walking and saw a little bird eating cranberries; bubby asked the little bird, “where do you find your happiness little bird?”

The little bird says: “the cranberries taste good, this makes me very happy.”

Bubby has a little cranberry and said: “it tastes sour, I don’t think I like it.”

On and on Bubby goes, and he is very tired, and cried out: “where can I find happiness?”

He went home and mom prepared a bowl of honey for him, and Bubby tastes the honey. “Happiness is sweet, I think I like it.”

Bubby smiled at his mom and fell asleep.


1. Yuck--口语中带有感情色彩的,讨厌

2. Acorn--[植]橡树果, 橡栗

3. Cranberry--酸酸的小红梅
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