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The Two Stars Over the Ears
    2006-03-31 11:30:45

本期小问题 : we have learned the names of two little animals -squirrel and firefly in this story.Can you name some other animals?小朋友们,我们从这个故事中学到了两个小动物的名字,你们能说出其他小动物的英文名字吗?


The Two Stars over the Ears

Miss Squirrel was a talented little squirrel in the forest. One day she received an invitation from Mr. Fox.
Hi, Miss Squirrel:

We are glad to inform you that there's going to be a concert in the forest tonight. 

The concert will start at 8 o'clock.

And we'd like you to sing for us. 

Please make sure you dress up for the concert. 

Miss Squirrel thought: “I'm going to the concert tonight. But what should I wear?”

The little squirrel came to the garden and saw some grass.

“I can make a hat out of the grass. It will be beautiful.”

Just as she was about to pull the grass, it said:“Don’t pull me! Don’t pull me! It’ll hurt.”

Miss squirrel didn’t pull the grass. Instead, she went away.

Then the little squirrel saw a red rose.

She thought,“A red rose. I can use it as lipstick. It will be beautiful.”
她想: 我用玫瑰花把嘴唇涂的红红的,一定很好看.

Just as she was about to pick the rose, the rose said: “Don’t pick me! Don’t pick me! It’ll hurt.”
小松鼠刚要去采玫瑰花, 玫瑰花说: “别采我! 别采我! 我会痛的啊!”

The little squirrel didn’t pick the rose.

Disappointed, she came home.

All this time, there were two fireflies under the leaves. They saw everything that happened. 

“In the grass, we play; in the rose, we sleep. The little squirrel didn’t pull the grass or pick the rose. She was so kind.”
 “绿绿的小草, 是我们玩的地方; 红红的玫瑰花, 是我们睡觉的地方。 小松鼠不摘草,也不采花, 她真好。”

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