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Mark's Nightmare
    2006-03-31 11:04:18

节目问题:1. What Lies did Mark tell in the story? 故事中的马克都说了哪些谎呢?

2. 马克花了多少钱买到的玩具飞机呢?
A. 10 dollars B. 50 dollars C. 100 dollars

答案请寄, 答对有精美奖品送出。



Mark's Nightmare 马克的噩梦

Mark and Jerry were looking at toy planes

Suddenly Jerry's watch beeped

I am late for my English class, I have to go now
said Jerry.

Then Mark saw something dropped out of Jerry's pocket.

It was a hundred-dolloar bill

"That's just enough to buy that toy plane," thought Mark.

So he picked up the money and went to the toy shop.

When Mark got home he played the toy plane.

~Whew Whew haha (Mark Playing the toy plane)

"Wow what a a great toy plane!" said Mark.

"Mark that's so cool is it yours?" asked Mark's little sister Cathy.

Mark was nervous and lied: "yes hmmm, (stutters) Jerry gave it to me."

"Wow he is so nice."

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