• Vegging Out - Vegan Hut
William gets competitive at Vegan Hut. And Lucy may have a contest of her own, if William gets his way. Raw and whole foods are integral to both.
• Vegging Out - The World of Vegetarian Food
William and Lucy taste a number of dishes they've never tried before, ranging from mushrooms masquerading as abalone to the naughtilly named Devil's Tongue.
• Vegging Out - Tianchumiaoxiang
William and Lucy peek into the kitchen for a clue before settling down to test the goods.
• Vegging Out - Lotus in Moonlight
William and Lucy invite a carnivorous friend to indulge in the miracles of faux meat.
• Vegging Out - Sunao
William hopes that a culinary tour around Asia and beyond can help get Lucy back on her feet.
• Vegging Out - Samadhi
William and Lucy test the boundaries between zenning out and contemporary fine dining at this Buddhist-style restaurant.
• Vegging Out - Jing Fun Veggie Cafe
Tempeh is all the rage at this modern cafe. Don't know what tempeh is? Join William and Lucy to learn all about it.
• Vegging Out - The Veggie Table
William and Lucy explore Beijing's only non-Asian vegetarian menu, which happens to be vegan.