• Shui Books Face an Uncertain Future
As one of the 17 minority groups who still follow a unique lifestyle in China nowadays, the Shui people of southwest China are noted for their distinctive treasures, most intriguing of which are their ancient and mysterious Shui Books. Today, however, the books' future is uncertain for a variety of reasons.
• A Mysterious Green Gem - Libo
A small county nestled in southwest China's Guizhou Province, Libo is home to mysterious Karst landscapes and splendid natural scenery that has fascinated generations of travel lovers.
• The Charm of Chishui
Sitting leisurely by Chishui River, the lines from the movie "Cold Mountain" suddenly came into my mind. Although Chishui is totally different from the cold mountain, both of them have a power to sooth your mind and comfort your heart whenever you need.
• First Impression of Chishui
It took more than five hours on a bumpy, long-distance bus to get from Chongqing to Chishui, which was recently added to the World Natural Heritage List for its unique Danxia landforms.