Lesson 16 At a Family Gathering

 Talk to CRI
  • It's nice to meet your family members.
    Visiting the Chinese friends' family members.you can say "wo3 hen3 gao1xing4 ren4shi ni3 de jia1ren2" in Chinese. wo3 is I.hen3, very.gao1xing4, happy.ren4shi, to know.ni3 de, yours.jia1ren2, family members.

  • This dish is my specialty.
    As a Chinese saying goes "li3shang4-wang3lai2"(礼尚往来), meaning "deal with a man as he deals with you".you maybe invite some friends to your home and you've learned to cook some Chinese food.you can say:zhe4 shi4 wo3de na2shou3 cai4.zhe4, this.shi4, is.wo3de, mine.na2shou3, skilled or expert. cai4, dish.
  • Help yourself to some more.
    It's common that the Chinese host would help you get some food, using their chopsticks. This shows their warm welcome and hospitality towards the guests.And the Chinese often say :ni3 duo1 chi1 dian3r. ni3 is you.duo1, more.chi1, to eat.dian3r, short for yi4 dian3r, a little bit.

  • Next time please come over to my house.
    When leaving your friend's house,you can say:Xia4ci4 qing3 ni3men dao4 wo3 jia1 zuo4ke4.Xia4ci4, next time.qing3, here it means "invite".ni3men, you.dao4, come over.wo3 jia1, my place.zuo4ke4, be a guest.