Lesson 1 Greetings

 Talk to CRI
  • Hello.
    In Chinese there are several different ways to say hello. The most popular expression is ni2 hao3. ni3 means 'you'. Hao3 means 'good'. Together 'you-good': ni2 hao3. Ni2 hao3 can be used at any time, on any occasion and by anybody.It can be used on either a stranger or a person you've already known. Is it similar to "hi" in English? For instance, when I say "ni2 hao3", you can respond with a "ni2 hao3".

    The pronunciation of ni3 is similar to that of the English word 'knee', and hao3 similar to 'how'.
  • What's your name?
    If you're wondering about his/her name, you can ask this way: ni3 jiao4 shen2me ming2zi?
    ni3, you; jiao4, called; shen2me means what;míngzi name——What's your name? ni3 jiao4 shen2me ming2zi?
    In reply to what's your name, you can either say wo3 jiao4 plus your name, or you can simply utter your name.
  • This is my business card.
    Nowadays in China, people often exchange business cards when they meet for the first time.
    zhe4 means this.
    shi4 means be.
    wo3de is the Chinese for my or mine.
    "zhe4 shi4 wo3de" literally it means "this is mine".
    ming2pian4, business card.
    zhe4 shi4 wo3de ming2pian4. This is my business card.
  • long time no see
    Suppose you and your friends haven't seen each other for a long time. In Chinese we say hao3jiu3 bu2 jian4.hao2jiu3, very long time.;bu4, not ; jian4 is to see.