Foreign Ministry Hails China-ASEAN Ties
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman here on Wednesday hailed China-Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)ties after just-concluded meetings between senior Chinese and ASEAN officials.
China Pledges to Promote Venezuela Partnership to New Level
Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pledged here Monday to promote the strategic partnership of common development between the two countries to a new level.
China to Crack down on Arbitrary School Charges
A national campaign will be launched to crack down on arbitrary charges by primary and secondary schools, Chinese authorities said on Wednesday in a statement.
70,000 Trees Needed for Graduate Theses
It is calculated that China's 7.27 million graduates in 2014 will use up to 4,000 tons of paper for their graduation theses, for which about 70,000 trees are required.
Wild Animal Eaters May Face Jail Time
A draft interpretation of China's Criminal Law, tabled for reading on Monday, aims to clear up ambiguities by clearly defining eating endangered wild animals, or buying them for this or other purposes, as illegal.
Robotic Cars, A Future Trend?
As driver-free cars continue to command attention at the ongoing 2014 China Auto Show in Beijing, car industry insiders believe this development could become something of a trend in the future.
China Forbids Bypassing Authorities to File Complaints
A Chinese government regulation, made public on Wednesday, forbids citizens to bypass authorities to file complaints.
Chinese Premier Eyes Stronger China-Britain Cultural Exchanges
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday lauded the progress of China-UK cultural exchanges, urging joint efforts from both sides to expand people-to-people exchanges and enhance mutual understanding.
Deputy-Director Allegedly Holds 8 IDs to Hide Illicit Funds

A post online alleged that Fan Hongwei, a deputy-director of the Public Security Bureau and head of traffic police in the city of Changzhi, north China's Shanxi province, was illegally assuming multiple identities for corruption purposes.

HK, Philippines Compromise over 2010 Manila Hostage Crisis
The Hong Kong government says its a long-running dispute with the Philippines over a deadly hostage crisis nearly 4-years ago has come to an end.
SW China Schools Shuttered amid Sandstorm
A northwestern Chinese city's strongest sandstorm in 10 years forced some schools to suspend operations on Wednesday.
Teacher Sentenced to Death for Raping Pupils
A court in east China's Anhui Province has sentenced a primary school teacher to death for raping and molesting pupils, it said on Wednesday.
China's Five-year Plan to Boost Environment Protection
China's next five-year plan will further boost ecological progress, said Xu Lin, a department head at the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planner, on Wednesday.
China to Crack down on Arbitrary School Charges
A national campaign will be launched to crack down on arbitrary charges by primary and secondary schools, Chinese authorities said on Wednesday in a statement.
Chinese Premier Stresses "Safety Net" for Needy
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has ordered that a "safety net" for needy people be built to ensure their access to timely social assistance.
Taxpayer List Reveals Tibet's Economic Muscle
Pharmaceutical drug companies have become the most prominent contributors to tax revenues in Tibet, according to the region's 2013 taxpayer list released by the local tax authority.
China Holds Multi-country Maritime Exercises
Multi-country maritime exercises were held off the coast of the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao on Wednesday. Review of China's Navy in 65 Years; Naval Symposium Inks Agreement to Head off Miscommunication
Strong Gales Suspend Train Service in Xinjiang
Strong gales with gusts of 120 km per hour forced at least 12 trains to stop in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Wednesday on safety grounds, local authorities said.
Trending Online
An American in China Pulls off A Diplomatic Coup
You'd have to say that the prominent lady from America, with the impressive academic credentials, handled herself pretty well.
Media Scan
Printing Graduate Papers Costs 70,000 Trees a Year in China
Excessive printing of each graduate's thesis paper during the matriculation season is putting enormous pressure on the country's forest resources. The newspaper said a student has to print seven copies of their thesis on average.
Supervisors Hired to Monitor University Recruitment
Renmin University of China has recruited 10 supervisors to monitor undergraduate enrollment this year.
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