Have you ever been to Tibet?
Do you like the Potala Palace, snow-capped mountains, glaciers and a bright sky?
Would you like to experience such a heavenly land?

No matter whether you are from Tibet or whether you have been there before, speak out how you love the land!
There are more than 100 reasons that make people fascinated with Tibet. What's yours?
Write it down here. Your dream may come true!

Leave your reason and share your passion for Tibet.
Before July 31, every participant has an opportunity to win a free trip there!
Wait no longer! Take action now!

1. Valid entries should be made before July 31.
2. No limits on the format of articles or the number of characters. Either your experience at or wishes for Tibet is required. Texts, photos, audio or video clips can be posted separately or together.
3. Please add "Passion for Tibet" before the titles of your articles published through the online forum, or they would be disqualified for the contest.
4. Make sure the texts (better with photos) remain in the homepage of your micro-blogs during the activity and that they are submitted to the official blog of the event, too.
5. Publications can be made via platforms like micro-blogs and the web forum and can be shared via QQ and MSN channels to add to their popularity.
6. Period for submissions: June 15 ? July 31; Period for votes: July 31 - August
7. The winners will be announced on the official website in August.
8. CRI Online reserves the right of the final interpretation of terms of the event.
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 Awards and Prizes
1. Distinction Award: 1 winner (The best original reason), Prize: round-trip air tickets to Tibet
2. Highest Prevalence Award: 10 winners (The most replied, most clicked, most reprinted and most commented posts) Prize: 500 yuan-worth of Tibetan souvenirs
3. Best Popularity Award: 20 winners (Top 20 articles with highest votes) Prize: 300 yuan-worth Tibetan souvenirs
4. Elite Participant Award: 70 winners (Candidates with attractive reasons) Prize: CRI Online souvenirs

 Procedures to claim prizes
After the results come out, organizers will contact winners to check personal information such as cellphone numbers and email addresses. Prizes will reach the addresses previously submitted within 5-10 work days.
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