• Basketball Player Ma Jian in China

Ever since Ma Jian first touched basketball at the age of seven, his father, the basketball coach of a provincial team, has been the most influential person in his career.

He dreamed of playing basketball in the NBA in the United States and made a four-step plan to develop his career when he was 16.

From 13 to 19, Ma didn't take a single day off. He played every day, including Chinese New Year.

• Basketball Player and Student Ma Jian in the U.S.

Ma Jian found that training in the US is different from China, noting some ways China could improve.

Ma expresses his regret at declining an NBA contract and the reasons behind his decision.

Ma shares his ideas about how to become an outstanding athlete.

• Ma Jian's Other Roles in Life

Besides being a former Olympic basketball player, Ma has also been a commentator, broadcast manager, businessman and actor, but his heart never left basketball.

After retiring from the court, he had new goal for the next stage of his life.

Ma shows the world that life goes on when the Olympics end.


• Ma Jian, Former Olympian in Basketball
Ma Jian is one of China's most outstanding basketball players who participated in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and paved the way for Chinese basketball players to play the sport in the United States.

Ma was the first and only Chinese basketball player to play for the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA in the U.S. between 1993 and 1995. From 1995 to 1996, he attended an NBA training camp and played with the Los Angeles Clippers in preseason games.

Ma Jian has 15 years of experience in sports broadcasting and seven years of executive experience in brand promotion, market research and business development in China's sports market. He is also an actor, talent scout and joint venture negotiator.
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